How To Check Nol Card Balance

The connectivity of public transports in Dubai is so good that instead of using own transport people prefer to use the metro and buses. That’s why most of the people in Dubai use NOL card and find Nol card balance, You can buy this card from any metro station, RTA agents, local authorities or sales agent. There is a number of cards available as per your requirements.

  • Silver Nol card
  • Blue Nol card
  • Red Nol card
  • Gold Nol card

As there are 1.5 Million transactions was done so far in term of payment, parking bills and other travel services.

Cost of the Card:

The cost of the card is only 25 Dirhams in which 6 Dirhams is the cost of the card and 19 Dirhams is the credit in the card. So instead of paying cash to buy metro or bus ticket, you can simply swipe this card and enjoy the ride. Before entering at any metro station or bus, you can check your NOL card balance. Now the main question arises how can we check the balance in NOL card?

Checking NOL Card Balance Using Mobile APP

Step 1: First open app store or play store and type “RTA Dubai”, you will see many suggestions but download first suggested application and click on the “install” button.

Step 2: Wait for the download and installation to complete, when its completely install click on the “open” buttons.

Step 3: When you launch the application, you will see so many options but just go to “Public Transport” section by swiping right on the mobile screen, where you will see all the information about public transport, that is, your nearest Metro Bus station name and its distance, then scroll down and click on “Check Your NOL Balance”.

Step 4: You will see an “NOL tag ID” option on your screen, just enter your NOL card number written on the back side of your card and after entering simply click on “View Balance” Button.

Now you can see your card balance on your screen. Anytime you want to check the balance of your NOL card on mobile just follow from step 3 as step 1 and 2 is just one-time installation steps.

There are several ways to check the NOL card balance. Following two simple steps to check online which are as follows:

Checking NOL Card using RTA official Website

Step 1: Go to RTA official website and click on “Public Transport” button. After clicking it you will see “NOL” option on your screen, press it then selects “View NOL card Balance”.

Step 2: When you click on “view NOL Card Balance”, you will see a form will appear on your screen which contains “NOL card Number”, 9 digit number which is written on the back of the card, ”Security Code”, you have to type the characters showing in security code picture and then simply press “Check Button”.

Check Balance of NOL Card Using NFC technology

As many of Andriod devices have the NFC technology, for this option you need to install RTA app and able to check the balance in Dubai Metro, Dubai trams and local buses.

Using NOL e-services:

You can go to, Now by using NOL e-services menu, you can check your transactional history by adding NOL tag number to view NOL remaining balance.

Calling Customer Services Agent:

The best thing about RTA is support call, you can call to RTA 24/7  customer care number and by providing NOL card number they will help you out to tell your NOL remaining balance. The customer support number is 800 9090

The minimum balance is 7.5 AED to using any of the RTA transport services with the limit of top up balance you can add following:

NOL Minimum balance to travel:

  • Silver card: 1000 AED
  • Gold Card: 1000 AED
  • Blue Nol Gold Card: 5000 AED

Childern under 5 age don’t need NOL card to travel.

As NOL card is one of the best services for the people of Dubai. NOL card is used to pay metro, buses and even taxi fares. The most easiest way of checking your balance is by just clicking on Balance checker

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