Zero Balance Accounts in UAE

Zero Balance accounts are a particular cash concentration method. In zero balance account, you can’t be out of money and you still have checks. It is also a fund mobilization practice used within a particular bank where you might have multiple accounts, it automatically mobilizes funds at the end of the day towards the parent account. They are called off by different terms depending on the bank which will you see below. Well, Zero Balance Account is a long-lasting and very effective method of mobilizing funds within the existing bank structure, which requires very little interaction and that information is reported cleanly and clearly on your bank account information reporting system.

To open a savings account in the UAE, you must meet a few requirements, including a minimum wage and the ability to maintain a minimum amount. Few banks even charge huge fees for failing to maintain a minimum balance. Banks in the UAE, on the other hand, began offering accounts with no minimum balance requirement. A zero balance account is a type of account that has no balance. Some zero balance accounts in the UAE are as follows: 

Zero Balance Account in UAE:

Account Name Interest Rate(p.a.) Minimum Salary
ADIB Smart Banking Account Profit on every dirham in the account AED 5000
Commercial bank of Dubai(CBD) ESaver Account 1.50% AED 5000
ADCB Active Saver Account 2% NA
FAB iSave Account 3% NA
RAK Bank Fast Saver Online Account 1.75% NA
HSBC Esaver Account 1.50% NA
Emirates NBD Liv. Account 2% NA

Features of Zero Balance Account:

There are some important features that you really want to look up, before applying for a zero balance account. Firstly, there is no monthly transactions requirement for this account. Secondly, this account has zero maintenance charges. Thirdly, there are no minimum salary criteria and there is also no initial deposit requirement. Finally, only new customers of the bank can apply for this account which means that customers are currently not using any type of service given by that particular bank.

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There are very few banks that provide Zero Balance accounts in UAE which give facilities are below:

  1. ADIB Smart Account
  2. Emirates NDB Liv Account
  3. RAK Bank Fast Saver Online Account
  4. CBD E-Saver Account
  5. FAB iSave Account

1. ADIB Smart account:

We all know money is an important thing, that’s why ADIB offers an online money smart community, which will help you to make a smarter choice of your financial life. On this smart online website, you can apply immediately for a zero balance account and get a free debit card. This bank offers no maintenance and no annual fees on a zero balance account. It also has some eligibility criteria, that is, your age should be between 18-24 years and earn a minimum salary of 5000 AED. It charges zero transaction fees within the UAE.

2. Emirates NDB Liv Account:

NDB liv account is an only mobile proposition that combines both the lifestyle and money of customers to optimize. So it helps you to manage your money and get the most out of it. To open a zero balance account, you have to just download liv application and make an account, through this app, you can even transfer funds. It offers no initial deposit and no maintenance fees. In this account, there are no minimum eligibility criteria and it also provides a 2% interest rate the best known zero balance account in UAE.

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3. RAK Bank Fast Saver Online Account:

  Fast saver grows your money fast with an interactive interest rate of 2% but that’s not where benefits of this zero balance account end, Its an online account so it is really convenient. With a fast saver, you can pay five utility bills or RAKBANK credit card bills and even make a withdrawal without affecting your interest rate.  

4. CBD E-Saver Account:

Commercial bank of Dubai also has the zero balance account which helps use to instant opening this account online with the best interest rate of 1.5 on monthly average balances with using the best CBD online services like balance and bank statement online etc. COD allows for this account free of charge and no maintenance charges. For account opening the basic Eligibility is 18 years and UAE National or Resident.

5. FAB iSave Account:

FAB – First gulf bank is a leading bank in UAE, They have zero balance account called FAB iSave Account. You can maintain zero balance on this account with the best high-profit rates if you are maintaining the balance in the account. FAB is known for its best customer service this is the reason for opening this account they don’t charge any amount for account opening, no monthly fees, and no money withdrawal limits.

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In this above-listed Zero Balance accounts in UAE, almost every bank has no maintenance fees and it will not limit your transaction amount and most conveniently all the bank accounts are online.


Q1. What are the limitations of zero balance account?

Ans. Online zero balance accounts have an initial balance limit of Rs. 1 lakh. These restrictions can be removed after the KYC process. Foreign contributions cannot be made to zero balance accounts.

Q2. Are there any charges for zero balance account?
Ans. In most cases, banks have a minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) requirement for a savings account. Non-maintenance charges will be applied if the account balance does not fulfil the MAB standards. There is no MAB requirement for a zero-balance savings account.

Q3. How do I get money out of my zero balance account in UAE?
Ans. Withdrawals are only possible through ATMs or using a withdrawal form at a branch. A standard Rupay ATM/cumulative debit card will be provided.

Q4. Is zero balance account safe?
Ans. Even if your account balance is zero, these banks will not do anything with it. For maximum safety and security, modern banking websites employ the HTTPs protocol and Blockchain technology, ensuring that your personal information remains private when making transactions.


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