How to get airport lounge access in UAE

There is no point in sitting at the airport while you can utilize it in a pretty different way. Many different airlines offer airport lounges, however, it does come at a cost. The cost is pretty justified if you avail the best of everything and not leave any stone unturned in enjoying the experience. There is wifi access, exotic food and drinks, and various other activities available for you to relax. Some airlines also offer Spa services in their lounges for passengers to relax even more.  There are multiple way to get airport lounge access in UAE

Rules and charges for airport lounge access in UAE:

The rules for access to the airport lounge might differ from airline to airline. We have compiled the rules of the most famous airlines functional in UAE for you.

Airport Lounge Access For Emirates:

All members having Emirates Skywards membership along with their eligible guests traveling on the same Emirates flight can avail access to Emirate’s airport lounges in Dubai. The provided access can be complimentary but it depends on the tier level you’re traveling in. The tier levels are as follows:

Emirates Skywards Blue members:

Emirates Skywards Blue members have to pay some amount to use Emirates lounges at Dubai International airport. Emirates also allow guests to be invited traveling on the same flight to join you, not without some additional charges though.

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Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold, and Platinum card members:

Complimentary access is provided to the silver cardholders for the Business Class lounges at Dubai International airport. Guests can be invited for an additional fee and access to the first-class lounge can be purchased as well. For gold card members, there is similar complimentary access to the Business Class lounges at Dubai International airport. The benefit of the gold card is that you can invite some guest to the business class lounge regardless of which class they are traveling in. More than one person can be invited as well but that would be for an additional cost. Like silver cardmembers, gold card members can also upgrade to First Class Lounge at Dubai International airport.

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Platinum members have complimentary access to the First Class lounges at Dubai International airport. One adult guest and two minors can join you in the First Class Lounge in Dubai if on the same flight.

There are additional terms and conditions to refer to while utilizing these services. 

The following rates are applicable for Lounge access at Dubai International airport:

  • All First Class Lounges: USD 200 
  • All Business Lounges: USD 100 
  • The Emirates Lounge: USD 100

Upgrade from the Business Class Lounge to the First Class Lounge:

  • USD 100 (Lounge only)

Etihad airways:

Etihad Airways offer lounge access on the following Etihad locations with the rates for a 2 hours stays mentioned in front of them:

  • Abu Dhabi Terminal 1 and 3 (Business class lounge) (USD 100 for adults); since there is a spa available at terminal 3, the rate is slightly higher around USD 200. 
  • US Premium Lounge Abu Dhabi (USD 50)
  • Arrivals Lounge Abu Dhabi (USD 30)
  • First & Business Class Lounge Paris (USD 75), Washington Dulles (USD 75), New York JFK (USD 60), Los Angeles (USD 60).
  • There are various other airlines that offer similar services and given their terms and conditions for lounge access, you can easily avail the best experience. 

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