Go Pro Hero 8 Price in Dubai UAE, Review

Go Pro Hero 8

After the Go Pro Hero 7 UAE regarded as the best Vlogging action camera, here comes ‘Go Pro Hero 8’ Dubai an action 3D camera. The audience using this technology will not find Go Pro Hero 8 UAE as attractive as its previous Model. Let’s analyze the features of Go Pro Hero 8 UAE and the price of Go Pro Hero 8 Dubai.

The new Go Pro Hero 8 UAE is assisted with built-in mounting fingers in its base, which makes it in-different from the previous flagship of the brand, which is Hero 7 and others. The latter was embedded with Hyper-smooth image stabilization until the DJI Osmo camera arrived.

The built-in mounting fingers that deny the need for a tripod stand, helmets, or any other support for the intricate camera. You now have a complete grip on the device!

Go Pro Hero 8 Dubai

The Go Pro Hero 8 Dubai has a shotgun microphone called the Media Mod; the light Mod includes a waterproof LED light that makes your device capable of a comparatively long life. Hero 8 consists of a 2inches screen that clears you every image and video on a big screen.
Not only this, but your new Hero 8 is equipped with voice control that eases shooting during drive or adventures and makes you comfortable despite being clumsy.

Though the customers don’t prefer or avail of this feature, but Go, Pro Hero 8 has slightly better quality because of super photos tweaked HDR algorithms.

A hyper-smooth, time warp, super photo with a tweaked design is now possible by Go Pro Hero 8 Dubai! The new device will be the new favorite of Dubai and UAE.

The Hero 8 is better than your previous Hero 5 as it has a built-in mount through which you can change batteries, swap micro card, or boost charge while it’s still mounted on something.

Go Pro Hero 8 brings to you a new and latest range of Mods that includes a modern wind-optimized front microphone, double strong lens, hyper-smooth 2.0 stabilization with the most excellent resolution up-to 1080p and improved audio.

It has the same GP1 chip as its predecessors but a new battery. Four shortcut buttons are placed around the main video settings, which can be customized with a long-press.

In my viewpoint, Hero 8 still has some drawbacks that don’t make it a perfect device. The first reason is its high cost. The price of Go Pro Hero 8 Dubai is more higher than Hero 7 apart from the fact that this Model has only redefined the featured of previously used Models and has not introduced much.

The second reason is the non-removable lens cover. Because of this disadvantage, it is impossible to add ND filters or improve the lens for super-bright condition by any other means.

The Hero 8 still offers a top resolution and frame rate of 4K/60p, in-spite of its higher bit-rate when recording 4K & 2.7K than the previous Models (100Mbps Vs. 78Mbps).

Furthermore, the power dug-in button that changes modes is a bit hard to press. This makes the device not so customer-friendly.
We hope for improved features in our next Go Pro Hero Dubai and UAE. The brand has made its name through some of its best products, and we hope it maintains this by producing most modern technology and user-friendly designs in their devices.

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  1. Go pro hero 8 i am waiting for last two month, please let me know what is the price for Go pro hero 8 in Dubai and when Go pro hero 8 will launch?

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