How to check data balance on DU?

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Are you looking for a way to check your Du balance online? Look no further! You have come to the right place. Du is one of two telecommunications providers in the UAE (the other is Etisalat). If you just want to know how to check your balance, follow our guide described for postpaid and prepaid lines.

The two most embarrassing experiences anyone can face today is not knowing how many (prepaid) points are available.

The good news is that as long as you have data or internet access, you can easily check your Du balance anytime, anywhere.

More than 20 million UAE residents have subscribed to mobile phones, according to a 2018 report released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

One of the largest telecom providers in the UAE, did you know that you can check your prepaid and postpaid balances and top up your prepaid balance online?

Du Mobile customers can use the shortcode to check their prepaid balance.

These codes should be shorter than phone numbers, easier to remember, and unique to each person.

Internet users always want to check the balance of data in megabytes to avoid exceeding the limit. Du and Etisalat allow their subscribers to check the validity and expiration of data packets using some codes or numbers. As you know, both telecommunications companies are considered giants in the UAE, which gives both parties the opportunity to get excellent customer support. If you find any problem or problem finding Du and Etisalat UAE balance, you should call their customer service hotline.

We have provided other information and a report on resolving Du and Etisalat balance verification issues by Gulf Telecom. Here we provide codes and numbers for prepaid and postpaid users.

Etisalat data balance for prepaid customers:

When the data consumption is 80%, 90%, and 100%, Etisalat will automatically notify you. Three ways to check the balance of data on the balance

  1. Via SMS (0.30 AED / SMS): create SMS, write “data” and send to 1010.
  2. Via USSD (free): dial the USSD code * 170 #
  3. Via Etisalat UAE App for Android and IOS
  4. If your package has expired and your remaining data balance has expired, you will be charged the normal AED 1 per MB data usage fee without any subscription to the package.

Postpaid ETISALAT data balance check:

If the data is about to expire, go to the Etisalat online service to view the remaining data. Pay online with a credit card and use the Etisalat postpaid data package.

DU data balance of prepaid users:

All Du prepaid users can dial * 135 # on their mobile phones to check the data plan and the amount of remaining MB of data in the current package.

  • Send SMS “Balance” to 1355.

DU data balance for postpaid customers:

All postpaid customers can verify their data issues by texting “reward” to 1233.

To check your Du balance via your smartphone, simply visit and log in using your Du mobile number. This service is only available to postpaid users.


1. What is a DU code?

Check UAE DU data balance for prepaid mobile subscribers. Find an easy way to check your DU data balance online using shortcodes.

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