How to play Mahzooz Draw online

Mahzooz draw also known as Emirates loto is a two-in-one opportunity for everyone around the world. By participating in this draw, you will have a win-win situation. Imagine yourself buying a bottle of water. But the bottle will be given to the needy instead of you. Isn’t it a righteous deed?

Indeed, it is. But the excitement comes when the money spent for charity can become a reason to win cash prizes. This is exactly what Mahzooz draw does. You visit the Mahzooz website, buy the water bottles and get a chance to be a part of the Mahzooz Draw. This mahzooz draw happens every week on Saturday in the UAE. 

At the end of the week, even if you don’t win, you know that you contributed to a noble cause. 

Let’s look at how to play Mahzooz draw online. 

Follow the steps below to play Mahzooz!

It is a simple yet exciting number game. You will be trying your luck and helping someone in need as well. Just follow the steps below and be a part of Mahzooz draw.

  1. Visit the Mahzooz (emirates loto) website or download Mahzooz app. 
  2. Create an account if you are playing for the first time. Else log in to your already created account. 
  3. Now click on the Play button and select the button ‘Buy now’. 
  4. Add the water bottle to your cart. One bottle costs AED 35. 
  5. With each water bottle purchase, you get a complimentary chance to participate in the Raffle draw and grand draw.
  6. Now you will be asked to select a line of five numbers. These numbers can be entered manually, or you can select them by quick pick. 
  7. Next, select a date for your Draw.  Press the checkout button. 
  8. You can pay via credit on your account or your debit card. 
  9. You will receive a confirmation text on your cell phone once the payment is done.
  10. The water bottles will be sent to the needy with the help of corresponding organizations.
  11. And you will have to wait for the draw results. 

Results of the draw!

You can follow the website for the draw results. The draw is live every Saturday at 9 pm. Take a look at how the winner is selected. 

  1. You can win the draw depending upon the number of matches made between your selected 5 numbers and the numbers drawn at the weekly draw. 
  2. There are three grand prizes and 3 lucky winners. 
  3. If all five chosen numbers match the five drawn numbers, you will receive a cash prize of AED 10 million.
  4. Cash prize of AED 1 million for 4 out of 5 matches. 
  5. You can win AED 350 in case of 3 matches. 

Withdraw your winning prize! 

In case you are the lucky person to win the prize, you will get the winning amount added to your credit. Now you will have two options. 

  1. Go to the website, and click on ‘balance summary’.
  2. Select ‘transfer/ withdraw’.
  3. If you want to transfer your balance to the credit, click on Transfer and enter the amount. The amount transferred cannot be refunded. 
  4. Another option is select ‘withdraw’. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. It should be greater than AED 300. 
  5. You will be asked to provide details for the withdrawal. 
  6. A confirmation message will be received on your number once you complete the process. 

Keep in mind that you can withdraw money only within 60 days of winning the draw. After that, the money will be automatically transferred to credit. 

Are you eligible to participate in Mahzooz draw? 

You are eligible to participate in the Mahzooz draw if you fulfill the following criteria. 

  • You are more than 18 years old.
  • Your location and legal laws allow you to participate in this draw.
  • You must not be a manager, assistant, or shareholder of mahzooz. 
  • If you are a government representative, draw manager, insurance representative, or a third party hired for this purpose, you cannot participate in the mahzooz draw. 

Want to add a credit balance? 

If you want to top up your credit balance on Mahzooz account, the process is simple. Just log in to your account, go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Add credit’. Now enter the amount you want to add and select the payment method. Once the balance is credited, you will receive an SMS. 

 In a nutshell 

Mahzooz Draw is a platform to try your luck ad earn some dirhams. But simultaneously, it is encouraging to donate for a noble cause. You spend some money to help someone out there in need and you get an opportunity to win cash prizes. The participating procedure is simple and easy. 

Help someone and try your luck!

Who knows you are the next millionaire to be. 

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