Where to buy gold in Dubai

Where to buy gold in Dubai

As one of the largest gold trading centers in the world, there is no doubt that Dubai has the best gold stores in the world. When buying gold, whether it is gold bars, bars, or kilograms, Dubai has a large number of gold shops, where you can indulge in the love of gold.

Gold in Dubai is sold at the price of gold plus manufacturing costs, which is different from the unit of gold sold in many other parts of the world. Unlike in the rest of the world, manufacturing costs are usually not calculated as a percentage of the price of gold, but rather set as a flat rate. Generally, the more complicated the jewelry, the more expensive it is to make. The purity of metals sold in Dubai is strictly regulated by the Dubai Central Laboratory Department, which implements a voluntary quality management and certification program called “Bareeq,” which recognizes stores that meet excellent practice standards for jewelry trading.

Listed below are the best places to buy gold in Dubai, and you can choose based on the various options available and the quality of jewelry available

  1. Atlas Jewelry
  2. Ary Jewelers
  3. The Gold Souk, Dubai
  4. Joyalukkas
  5. Damas
  6. The Gold and Diamond Park
  7. Damiani

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