Honda Civic 2020 Prices in UAE, Pictures and Reviews

AED 69,900 to AED 98,900

Honda Civic 2020 Overview

With an exciting driving experience, practical interiors, and multiple options, the Civic is a compact car with a better reputation. It is available in sedan, coupe, and hatchback versions, and each version is efficient and affordable. Offering many technical and safety features, both the basic engine and the optional turbocharged engine provide good power and high fuel economy. You can choose ...from a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) or a six-speed manual transmission.
The tenth-generation Honda Civic seems to have entered the higher-end market, equipped with LED daytime running lights and taillights as standard, and LED headlights are available as options. It is said that the new body is also stronger due to the use of ultra-high-strength steel. The Civic Generation was first released in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2016. It is not only larger but also 31 kg lighter than the previous generation. It's almost the same for the 2018 model year. The interior has also been upgraded to provide a better fit and finish, while the increase in overall size helps improve legroom and luggage capacity. Honda civic in the UAE costs around AED 62,895 – AED 73,395.
The coupe is more stylish, the hatchback is more practical, but also busier. If Civic adds a bit of fun to your taste, we suggest you travel a lot to learn about Insight-a related hybrid sedan that brings the Civic look to more cities. The shape of the sedan guided the Accord, other express cars, and even some luxury cars with smooth roof lines. The sedan and the hatchback are closely related in form factor-the car is immersed in the rear to provide a small trunk, while the hatch continues on. The long line of the coupe obscures the Civics' small size-the Sport interior with 18-inch wheels, and black trim looks great. 
The busy styling of the hatchback is a tribute to other flavors worldwide, and it is more famous abroad than in the United States. For young buyers, this may not matter, but everyday commuters may get tired of their overly high looks.
Civics' exterior is practical and modern; the interior is spacious and offers plenty of storage space. Even entry-level models are far from the penalty box. Although it doesn't offer the most selectable comfort and convenience in a compact product, it's good enough for any small shopper. Although the rear seats of the coupe are useless to anyone above average height, the interior of the sedan is more spacious in its class. Civic has designed many ingenious lockers throughout its cabin, and the trunk of the car is the largest trunk in its class. Need more cargo capacity? Then check the hatchback model. However, the coupe is more about style than practicality.
Honda proved that power and fuel efficiency need not be mutually exclusive. Both Civic four-cylinder cars are drinking frugally as if it is a brandy for fifty dollars, but, interestingly, the fuel economy of the higher-powered turbocharged engine is basically better than the 2.0-liter of the lower-level Civic. Sedan and coupe. Unfortunately, Civic's fuel economy was not achieved in our actual highway fuel-economy test. Our turbo Civic Touring sedan scored only slightly below the EPA rating. In addition, we extracted 37 mpg from the six-speed manual Civic Sport hatchback, which is two mpg less than the EPA figure.
Pros and cons 
• Turbocharged engine with excellent fuel economy and performance
• Riding quality strikes a balance between comfort and sportiness
• Many standard advanced technologies and safety features
• Spacious cabin made of high-quality materials
• Over alert forward-collision warning system is frustrating
• Slow response adaptive cruise control system
• Blindspot cameras are more difficult to use than typical blind-spot monitors
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Find out Honda Civic 2020 price in UAE, Here compare Honda Civic 2020 small sedan specs images, price, and specification with the customer expert review. Honda Civic 2020 come up with engine capacity with engine 1.6 L and more, horsepower 123 with the Automatic transmission and seating capacity is for 5 Seater. The minimum price of Honda Civic 2020 is AED 69,900 with model name Honda Civic 2020 1.6L DX and comes up with the most expensive model is Honda Civic 2020 1.5 RS is for AED 98,900.
Right now Honda Civic 2020 model comes up with the number of variations that are Honda Civic 2020 1.6L DX with price for AED 69,900, Honda Civic 2020 1.6L LX Sport with price for AED 72,900, Honda Civic 2020 2.0 EX with price for AED 86,900, Honda Civic 2020 1.5 RS with price for AED 98,900, available in the UAE cities Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman.

Honda Civic 2020 Price in UAE

Honda Civic 2020 1.6L DX

AED 69,900

Honda Civic 2020 1.6L LX Sport

AED 72,900

Honda Civic 2020 2.0 EX

AED 86,900

Honda Civic 2020 1.5 RS

AED 98,900

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