Asus Mobile Price in Dubai UAE

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., referred to as ASUS (Chinese ASUS Computer / Pinyin ASUS Diànnǎo), is a sizeable Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer based in Taipei. The company is often called Asus. The company’s stock is in Taiwan. The stock exchange is trading code 2357, and the London stock exchange is trading code ASKD. In January 2008, the company was divided into three legally indepe...ndent business areas: ASUS, Pegatron and Unihan. The company provides desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, network equipment, monitors, Wi routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage media, multimedia products, peripherals, wearables, servers, workstations, and tablets. The company is also an equipment manufacturer. Asus was the fourth-largest PC maker in the world in 2015.
Asus in UAE
Asus phones have become very popular because of their excellent specifications and affordable combination. Although this Taiwanese company is mainly known for its laptops and tablets, they also hold a significant position in the smartphone market. Read on to know more about More information on Asus phones in the UAE and what makes them worth buying.
Compared to other popular phone brands, the number of ASUS phone options in Dubai is not significant. However, if you want a mid-range phone with good specs and cameras, the PadFone and Zenfone lineups are an excellent choice. Zenfone offers smartphones with different screen sizes, including 4, 5, and 6 inches. If you are looking for a tablet phone, you can try a 7-inch phone with a pad or PadFone. However, most of Zenfone’s batteries are not removable. Yes, this may be a problem for some users. For phones with great cameras, you can check out Zenfone Zoom phones.
The build quality of ASUS phones is quite good. Some of them offer optional dual SIM cards, so if you want a phone with dual SIM cards, double standby options, please note this feature. Another notable feature of ASUS phone is Most of these phones use Intel Atom chipset, not Qualcomm’s chipset. Most ASUS phones in the UAE run the Android operating system, which may be the right choice for Android enthusiasts. Almost all their phones are Provides a large selection of colors, including red, white, black, and gold. For those looking for a phone without spending too much money but want a decent phone, consider using Asus Phone.
Asus phones in Dubai, UAE fall in the price range from AED 219 to AED 19999. The most popular Asus phones in terms of price are Asus Zenfone 2, Asus Zenfone Max, Asus Zenfone Selfie, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser, and Asus Zenfone 5.
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