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The company obtained a television license in 1953 and was the first Japanese company to produce the television program under the name Sharp continuously. It is said that the name was derived from the advertising name Ever of the popular automatic pencil “Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil,” which was later referred to as “Ever-Sharp Pencil.” In 1962, Sharp began manufacturing the f...irst microwave cooking equipment, and in 1963 began mass production of solar cells and silicon photovoltaic elements. In 1964, Sharp built the first transistor-based desktop calculator, Compet, which is now part of the permanent exhibition at the British Museum’s Technology Department. In 1969, the first calculator with LSI IC came out QT-8D; in 1971, the first mobile electronic calculator EL-8 based on QT-8D automated technology; in 1973, the first LCD calculator, Its driving force is Tasaki Sasaki (* 1915, † 2018), who has worked in the United States. Sharp promoted the development of portable computers in the 1980s; in addition to IBM-compatible laptops, so-called pocket computers can be programmed using BASIC. In 1981, Sharp successfully mass-produced a laser scanner unit for CD players.
Today, Sharp has branches in 30 countries and sells products in 164 countries. Products range from consumer electronics (especially LCD TVs and audio systems) and white goods (such as microwave equipment) to digital information systems (such as multi-function devices, PDAs) and mobile phones, and then solar cell components. Also, the development of digital core technologies and components for electronics (including optoelectronics, infrared, and flash electronics) is one of Sharp’s core capabilities. Since 1968, Sharp has also worked on behalf of Europe. First, the subsidiary Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH was established with its headquarters in Hamburg. A branch was established in Austria in 1986. Since 1994, Vienna headquarters has taken over operations in Eastern Europe and Europe.
Sharp in UAE
Sharp Mobile has been serving the technology sector in Dubai, UAE, for two years. Sharp understands the needs of the people in Dubai, UAE, and produces and sells high-quality smartphones. Not only that, but the sharp phone also has a slim, gorgeous design, appropriate display size, high-quality camera for selfies and photography, sufficient battery life, and advanced connection options such as 3G and 4G networks, WiFi, GPS, and NFC. Sharp smartphones are usually released with enough and RAM ROM so that consumers can easily play and store. Also, the high price of the phone is very reasonable, so consumers will not hesitate to buy expensive smartphones in Dubai, UAE.
Sharp phones in Dubai, UAE costs from AED 350- AED 600.
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