How to renew your Indian passport in the UAE

How to renew your Indian passport in the UAE

Want to renew your Indian passport in the UAE? Indian expats in the UAE will be delighted to know that the process of renewing their passports has become very easy! We have shared the complete UAE Indian passport renewal process including renewal fees, location and processing time!

How to renew your Indian passport in the UAE

Indian citizens in the UAE must go through a simple procedure to renew their passports. BLS International Service Center is a passport service agency that processes Indian passport renewal applications and collection of fees.

Also, please note that when your application is submitted to the BLS International Service Center, the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of India in Dubai will accept or reject your application.

Following are the steps required to renew an Indian passport in the UAE.

Visit the nearest BLS center

To renew your Indian passport in the UAE, you need to visit the nearest BLS International Service Center. The central location of BLS main branches of the UAE is shown below.

Documents required to renew an Indian passport in the UAE

Looking for the documents you need to renew your Indian passport in the UAE? Fortunately, this does not require a lot of paperwork. To renew your Indian passport in the UAE, you must have:

  • Original passport of the applicant
  • Valid UAE Applicant ID

However, please note that these documents are only required if you are applying for an extension of your Indian passport with a valid UAE residency visa and no corrections or changes are required.

In some cases, other documents may be required, for example, an expired UAE residence visa. You can find additional supporting documents for various situations on the official BLS Center website.

In addition, if applicants with UAE residency permits issued in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain apply to BLS in Dubai / Northern UAE, additional documents are required.

This also applies to Dubai / Northern UAE visa holders applying at the BLS Center in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.

In this case, when you are going to the BLS center to renew your Indian passport, please also bring the proof of residence in the emirate for which you applied, such as a lease agreement or a letter from a company stating that you work / live in emirate.

Please note that applicants for Indian passport renewals in Dubai or other parts of the UAE must submit documents and applications in person at the BLS Center.

Documents Required to Renew Indian Passports to Minors in the UAE

For minors wishing to renew their Indian passport in the UAE, the following documents are required:

  • Original passport of the applicant
  • Valid UAE Applicant ID
  • Originals of passports of both parents (for verification)
  • ID of both parents in the UAE (for verification)

In addition, both parents must accompany their children in order to go through the Indian passport renewal procedure in the UAE.

UAE Indian Passport Renewal Process at BLS Center

Applicants who apply for Indian Passport Renewal at BLS Center do not need to register in advance.

They can simply go to the BLS center and get their badge number. Applicants can also take photographs and photocopies of documents at the BLS center and print the application form.

When it is their turn, they can provide supporting documents to the applicant at the BLS center and pay the Indian Passport Renewal Fee. Applicants for Indian Passport Renewals must also sign the application form in the presence of the applicant.

Important Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the BLS at Dubai Khaleej Center does not currently accept applicants under 12 and adults over 60. These applicants will be required to visit the BLS Center at the Zeenah Building in Deira.

BLS Abu Dhabi is currently accepting only limited passport renewal applications. This includes applicants whose passports have expired or will soon expire.

Fees for Renewal in UAE

Wondering how much does it cost to renew your Indian passport in the UAE? The cost of Indian passport renewal for adult and minor applicants and Tatkal (emergency) services will be different. Please note that the following prices for Indian passport renewal in the UAE include typing, photography and courier services. Tatkal renewal fees for Indian passports in Dubai or other emirates are also listed below.

Regular Renewal Service for Indian COS Passport Holders

  • Adult (36-page booklet): AED 406
  • Adult (60 page booklet): AED 501.
  • Minor: AED 316

TATKAL update service

  • Adult (36-page booklet): AED 971
  • Adult (60 page booklet): AED 1,071
  • Minor: AED 886

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