Top 10 Popular Cars in Dubai

Top 10 Popular Cars in Dubai

Cars nowadays are an important part of life and almost every household today owns a car. The United Arab Emirates is known for its luxurious lifestyle. In the United Arab Emirates, you will find every new one. Dubai is the richest off all the emirates in the UAE. Dubai is a paradise for the worlds’ most luxurious and classy sports car and the residents of the emirate are car geeks. It was found in a survey that the people living in Dubai have a pattern of changing the car every three years. Many automakers and car manufacturers want to set their foot in this city and be on the number one list.

List of Top 10 Cars in UAE

  1. Toyota corolla
  2. Mercedes Benz E-class
  3. Nissan Altima
  4. Lexus
  5. Hyundai Elantra
  6. Mitsubishi Pajero
  7. Toyota Camry
  8. Nissan Patrol
  9. BMW X5
  10. The ICONA Vulcano

1- Toyota corolla

Toyota is a popular brand in the UAE, the Toyota Corolla is the third top car to be found on the roads of Dubai. Not only is it an efficient road partner but it also gives a good resale value. It has tremendous efficiency and an is powered 1.8 liters four-cylinder engine, 16-inch alloy rims, trunk liner, and rear parking sensor. This compact car is equipped with modern features like split-folding seats, leather steering wheel, modern keyless entry with starter button and many other features.

Toyota corolla
Toyota corolla

2- Mercedes Benz E-class

In Dubai, the E-Class Mercedes is the most popular model of the iconic brand. Mercedes offers a wide range of prices and products. It’s easy to find a product that meets your needs. Mercedes is a trusted brand known for its durability and advanced technology. The sleek style and renowned comfort continue to ensure its position among the five most popular car brands in the UAE.

Mercedes Benz E-class
Mercedes Benz E-class

The E-class is a blend of traditional luxury and modern ambiance. Its beautiful design and luxurious presence on the road make it the top car in Dubai and the base model E-200 has a turbocharged 2.0 liters 4 cylinder engine clocking in 185 HP.

3- Nissan Altima

Nissan is another popular brand in the UAE and has been around for many years. The two most popular models are Patrol Safari and Patrol. The benchmark price of the Nissan patrol car makes it attractive. It is also designed for off-road use. The patrol car has a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine, but this does not stop it from fueling. The Altima is a medium-sized sedan which is highly traded in the UAE. The most attractive thing about the car is its design with its 2.5 liters 4 cylinder engine. It is spacious and has a paddle shifter for a sporty feel as well as a tire pressure monitoring system.

Nissan Altima
Nissan Altima

4- Lexus

The Lexus LX 570 is considered a luxury brand and still performs well on soft beaches. Lexus ranked fourth with 8.5% of the search volume. This all-wheel-drive car has excellent brakes, a high-tech cabin, and good power. It travels steadily and has advanced off-road capabilities. It also has many standard features. The acceleration is slow and there is no excellent fuel efficiency. It also comes with a very high price tag

5- Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Motor ranked fifth in Dubai’s search volume, accounting for 6% of car searches. The Tucson SUV is one of the most popular models in modern times. Despite its athleticism, it is not ranked high in desert driving. It does have two engines available the basic model has 164 horsepower. This is a good choice if you are going to take your child to school or work.

The Elantra is a sedan but it is also considered a sports car. The Elantra comes in 1.6 and 2.0 mpi variants. It has modern features and its price makes it unparalleled in it class

6- Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero has such a high position in our list of the most popular cars in the United Arab Emirates. Pajero strikes the perfect balance between a fuel-efficient city car and a powerful off-road vehicle, perfect for desert terrain. It has a 3.5-liter V6 engine. With a spacious cabin, huge trunk space and a 4 x 4 drive function, Pajero can hit the Dubai dunes without compromise. Standard features include tires with 17-inch steel wheels, front chrome grille, halogen headlights, dark grey rear license plate trim, power steering / adjustable tilting steering column, metal trim panel, retractable auxiliary handle x 3 and central door lock system.

7- Toyota Camry

Although there are many versions of Toyota Camry. Toyota Camry Hybrid is the latest and recent version released. The car is equipped with advanced features like 15-inch alloy wheels. Reworked navigation system, LED fog lights, power recline rear seats, wireless smartphone charger, and many more features.

8- Nissan Patrol

Just like Mitsubishi Pajero, the Nissan Patrol is very famous in Dubai because of its baseline price and its ability to handle off-track roads. It has a powerful engine, therefore, it has an outstanding fuel efficiency that allows you to go to places.

9- BMW X5

In recent years, BMW has proven to be the most popular car which people look for buying because of its luxurious and sporty feel. The BMW X5 is an affordable car. It is powered by intercooler turbo premium unleaded 1-6, 3.0 liters that offer high driving speed.

10- The ICONA Vulcano

There are rumors that there is a special kind of car made entirely of titanium. It is not difficult to believe that titanium can be made into cars because titanium is lighter than aluminum and steel, high in strength and can withstand harsher conditions such as extreme temperatures and corrosion. Titanium is used in airplanes and jets, which is the source of inspiration for Icona Vulcano. Icona Vulcano was presented at the Dubai International Auto Show, which ensures the development of this car. The engine is 6.8 liters V8, power is close to 1200 horsepower, and it takes only 2.8 seconds to accelerate the car from 0-62 mph. In any case, this car is a feat of engineering and design, because it is difficult to cast titanium into the shape of a sports car.

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