ADCB Active Saver Account Review

ADCB Active Saver Account Review

Thinking of actively saving your money? Well, you will need an active saver account for doing some savings. If you are thinking of ADCB active saver account, here is a detailed review for you. 

This review will let you know the pros and cons of having an ADCB active saver account. Go through these details to find out whether or not you should open the ADCB active saver account.

ADCB Active Saver Account Review

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a credible name in the world of finance and banking. And of course, you will always choose a credible organization for saving your money, right?

Banks need to build a relationship of trust with their customers. This is the only way they can convince people that they will best handle their finances. Luckily, ADCB has earned this credibility!

ADCB active saver account is an amazing account for savings. You can earn high-profit rates, and transfer funds easily with this account.

Pros and cons of having an ADCB Active Saver Account

The account is Shariah-compliant

ADCB is an Islamic bank and it’s a plus point for you if you are Muslim and looking for a saving account. This account is Sharia-compliant which makes it the first choice for many Muslims.

Meet your saving goals by opening five different goals

 You may need to save your money for multiple purposes. Putting them all in one can mess up the things in your mind and in your account too. To prevent you from this mess, ADCB allows you to open five different active saver accounts. Isn’t it a great way to keep your savings well organized? Yeah!

Online access to ADCB active saver account is super easy

You don’t need to worry about accessing your account when using ADCB active saver account Because the bank provides you easy online access to your account. You can access and manage your funds and savings no matter where you are. 

Remember the withdrawal charges 

When using an account, you must know the charges and fees associated with that account. In the case of the ADCB active saver account, you need to pay an account closure fee of AED 105 if you close the account within one year. So think well before opening it!

The bank offers a good interest rate of 1.75% per month

The monthly interest rate of the bank is up to 1.75% which is a good figure for a saving account. It helps you save your money actively.

Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria

Going through this review can go in vain if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Therefore, make sure that you are eligible to open an ADCB active saver account. The eligibility criteria are not too strict. Here it is. Check yourself against this checklist!

  • You should be at least 21 years old
  • You should already have ADCB savings or a current account
  • You should be either a UAE national or a UAE resident having a valid visa

You can’t open it as a joint account

If you are thinking of doing some savings with your partner, spouse, or someone else, ADCB active saver account is probably not a good choice for you. You cannot open this account as a joint account. You can only be the sole owner of this account.

Having a current or saving account with ADCB is a must

ADCB active saver account is for you only if you already have some sort of account and banking history with ACDB. If you want to choose ADCB as your saving partner, you will have to open your current saving account with it first. This is the only way you can get your hands on your ADCB active saver account.


Hope this post was informational enough for you to deliver a detailed review of the ADCB active saver account. This account is a great choice for actively saving your money and earning a good profit on your savings. But you need to first meet the eligibility criteria which are having an existing account with ADCB and being 21 years old or above.

If you meet the criteria, opening your account will be a click away. Hope you do the best savings with ADCB active saver account!

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