Top 9 Car Insurance in the UAE

Top 9 Car Insurance in the UAE

Investing in a good car is important, but making sure the investment is safe is a decision.
Car insurance is a contract between an insurance company and an insurance company that provides you financially in the event of a car breakdown, theft or accident, as stated in the policy. Car insurance is important for unforeseen events

Why do we need car insurance?

  1. Financial protection: In the event of an accident, there may be a burden such as associated costs, legal fees, hospital bills, repair fees and property damage. Having insurance can ease the load and make it easier to cover them all.
  2. Personal protection: The reason the person buys car insurance is for personal security. In the event of an accident, the company will reimburse your medical bills.
  3. Passenger protection: Vehicle insurance ensures the safety of not only personal and motor vehicles, but also passengers involved in road accidents. Insurance helps to close medical bills.
  4. Vehicle protection: The purchase of vehicle insurance will help to cover repairs and replacements in the event of an accident or other damage to the vehicle.

Sometimes, if you buy a car from a bank or dealer, the seller will offer you an insurance policy, but is it wise to buy it right away? When choosing a policy, it is recommended to look for a good insurance company. With the desired premium rate, personal insurance policy is rarely applied.

Types of car insurance:

  • Comprehensive car insurance: This type of car insurance is expensive because it covers damage caused by fire or theft, and also includes the obligations of third parties involved in a car accident.
  • Third Party Insurance: This type of insurance policy covers the damage caused to the other party involved in the accident. This is cheaper than comprehensive car insurance and does not cover damage to your vehicle according to this policy.

Finding a car insurance policy in the UAE is not difficult for the best insurance companies in the region. Now we will discuss the best auto insurance companies with their advantages.

1- Adamjee Insurance Company Limited

It is one of the largest public insurance companies open to the public. Adamji, agricultural insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, marine insurance, etc. Offers various insurance.

Adamji’s comprehensive auto insurance provides maximum compensation for theft, accidental damage and liability of third parties, provides benefits, innovative features and post-insurance operation. The main range of the cover is as follows.

Claiming process

  • The insured also reports the incident to the local law enforcement agencies.
  • Contact Auto Insurance Insurance-Adamjee Insurance Company Limited immediately by email / fax / letter or phone to file a complaint.

2- Watania Insurance Company

It is an initiative of Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company. It is one of the leading Takaful companies in the United Arab Emirates that meets the demand for sharia compatible products.

Takaful offers two types of retail and commercial.

  • Commercial Takaful: Commercial Takaful includes sea Takaful, general accident Takaful, Takaful property, etc. includes.
  • Retail Takaful: Takaful retail house, Takaful, medical Takaful, private Takaful and Motor Takaful.Car insurance offered by Watania is a simple and useful process.

Watania offers two types of eligible and affordable car insurance.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance: This policy covers the vehicle and components involved in the accident, as well as the financial security of a third party injured by you or the driver of your vehicle.

Third Party: Third Party Takaful protects you from liability to third parties, even if it is against vehicles, property or personal injury / death.

3- Oriental Insurance Company

Founded in 1960, the Dubai East Insurance Company operates through the Arab Insurance Works general agency. The company has been operating in the region for more than twenty years. Eastern Insurance Company offers two types of insurance;

  • Corporate: This category includes engines, marine, health, real estate, liability insurance, etc. When insuring cars, they offer full car insurance and third party liability.
  • Individual: In this category, they offer car, household and personal accident insurance.

Accidents include losses due to death / injury, vehicle owner and vehicle financial protection. They also provide towing assistance, locking service, refueling service and car rental service.

4- SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company

A Takaful Insurance company in Dubai, UAE.  The insurance company serves individual and corporate clients through a widespread global network. SALAMA offers solutions to customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Senegal, Algeria and Jordan by further expanding branches and affiliates in GCC countries, Southeast Asia and the Far East. Salama divides Takaful into Auto Takaful, Family Takaful, Health Takaful and General Takaful. The Company provides full car insurance in the event of loss of a vehicle or accessories due to the following reasons;

  • Fire, hailstorms, self-immolation, etc.
  • Due to theft
  • Due to accident or mechanical failure

It also covers the third party obligation that the insurer covers the damages caused by the insured party vehicle to the third party, but has limitations.

5- Union Insurance

Founded in 1998, Union Insurance is listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, Dubai, and is authorized by the UAE Insurance Authority. Union Insurance offers a full range of retail and commercial insurance products to customers in the UAE and the Middle East. With the help of Union Insurance, there are preferential exchanges from agencies and garage networks, roadside rehabilitation, airport pick-up and drop-off service, concierge service and quick repair service.
They made various suggestions, such as replacing locks, disturbing landscapes and stealing parking lots. In addition, there is a personal accident policy that targets not only the insured but also the passengers. An insurance policy is recommended for companies and individuals. The car insurance offered by Union Insurance offers the following advantages:

  • Superior Auto Assistance: The Company offers roadside rescue, concierge and airport pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Free medical emergency costs include personal item coverage and replacement of locks, windshield damage, etc.
  • Accident coverage for up to 1 million AED.
  • A replacement tool for trouble-free commuting.
  • High quality garages and repair agencies.
  • A variety of host options to tailor the policy to the customer’s needs.

The request process is easy and convenient, the customer needs to go to the website and show the request documents.

6- Dubai Insurance Company

The Dubai Insurance Company is the first local insurance company to be established in Dubai. The company was founded in 1970. Insurance in Dubai is one of the best performers in terms of brokerage profitability. Dubai insurance has large international reinsurers as partners to provide solutions to all traditional and non-traditional risk management needs. Dubai Insurance covers all types of insurance supported by world reinsurance leaders such as SCOR in France, Hanover Reinsurance in Germany and CCR and Joint Reinsurance in Germany. DIC recommends private car insurance. Dubai Insurance offers full car insurance to protect your private car from car accidents or damage. DIC also provides insured compensation to third parties for injuries and property damage caused by the use of insurance tools.

The car insurance policy protects the owners from damage or loss of the insured car, if:

  • Accidental collision
  • External explosion, self-immolation
  • Theft
  • Insurance also covers the losses of third parties.

7- AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance is one of the leading names of auto companies in Dubai. AXA Dubai offers a wide range of products and management options to help customers lead a better life.
AXA provides support and advice so that customers can find the protection that best suits them and their business needs. AXA offers the following products:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Business insurance Health insurance
  • Van insurance

Features of car insurance offered by AXA:

  • Car repair
  • Uninsured driver coverage
  • Lifetime repair warranty
  • Application abroad Lifetime warranty on car repairs and more.

7- Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

ADNIC is a leading supplier of multi-line protection with a comprehensive branch system. In addition, trade and governance are nationwide. With a trusted team of more than 400 security professionals, ADNIC aims to provide full protection and customer convenience.

The car insurance of the company is categorized as standard, gold and platinum. The company offers different advantages for each category.

  •  Platinum

Customer Agency Repair for 3 years, Agency Repair for 8 years, Third Party Liability up to 5,000,000 AED, vehicle assistance, car replacement priority and natural hazards.

  • Gold

This client repaired the agency for up to 2 years, over a period of 8 years, to the Agency’s 3,500,000 third party liability for property damage, vehicle assistance, car replacement benefits and natural hazards.

  • Standard

It takes advantage of customers 1 year internal repair, 8 years repair of external engine, up to 200,000 AED, third party liability, car assistance and car replacement

8- Emirates Insurance Company

Founded in 1982 by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, it is one of the leading insurance companies in the UAE. It started with a small number of workers and is now known as the best insurance company in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council. The company offers the best premiums and is the 4th insurance company in terms of gross subscription premium.

  • Comprehensive policy:

This provides for indemnification of accidental damage to insurance cars and third-party cars or property, damage to third parties and liability of insurers to the passengers of the car. The repair of the agencies is done according to the requirements.

  • Engine fleet policy

Annual coverage of all vehicles belonging to the insured under the common policy. Weapons can be added and removed at any time during the policy period.

  • Third party liability

This includes accidental damage to third-party vehicles, third-party injuries, liability for property damage, and warranty for policyholder vehicle passengers.

9- Earnest Insurance LLC

Founded in 2004, Earnest Insurance is one of the top 15 insurance companies in UAE.
The company offers a wide range of insurance services and products. Third party policies are a minimum requirement. However, since car protection is very important, full car insurance is recommended. Comprehensive vehicle insurance combines both

  • Vehicle damage (self-damage)
  • Liability for property damage to third parties (for example, vehicle damage to other vehicles or damage to private or government property) and personal injury to third parties.

In addition, they offer their customers a choice of many other benefits to meet their needs. When it comes to choosing an Insurance, it’s best to shop around and seek the best policy that fits your needs and fits your budget.

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