Top 7 Travel Insurance in the UAE

Top 7 Travel Insurance in the UAE

Top Travel Insurance in the UAE –When we travel abroad, we always look forward to the beautiful memories we will leave, picturesque scenery and more exciting activities. It’s fun to say that many uncertainties can destroy everything we expect. Therefore, in order to avoid anything happening between you and your travel adventure, you need to purchase appropriate travel insurance to protect your safety. When choosing the right travel insurance, you may have difficulty deciding on the best policy for your country. To make it easier for you to make the right decision, we provide a list to help you find the travel policy that is best for you:

1- AIG travel insurance

AIG travel insurance, also known as “travel protection”, is an all-inclusive insurance that meets all the needs of travelers from all over the world. The insurance proves that everything is worth the money and includes many dangerous items, such as dangerous sports and terrorist activities, medical evacuation, cancellation of the itinerary or restriction of the itinerary and delay of the itinerary. You can access all insurance products around the world.

Why AIG? Here are the reasons that may help you decide why you must use the AIG “Travel Guide”:

  • There is a dedicated travel team that will help you resolve claims and provide you with services.
  • You can buy travel insurance online without waiting for hours and days.
  • You can use global help services in the US, Europe and Asia at any time of the day and week.
  • AIG complies with the “Global Protection Policy” of travel.
  • You can get emergency help in your native language.
  • AIG has a very simple process to process your claim.

The benefits provided by AIG for all travelers who wish to obtain travel insurance to meet all their needs:

  • With “Reduce Travel Cost”, you can request a ticket or hotel cancellation fee.
  • AIG’s “Travel Guide” can help you provide sea or land transportation to transfer patients from one location to another.
  • The insurance also pays for your dental expenses.
  • If your luggage does not reach your final location, your insurance will cover all costs of new clothes and toiletries you want to purchase.
  • If your flight is delayed for more than four consecutive hours, all expenses related to food and hotels will be covered by your travel insurance.

2- Qatar Insurance Company Travel Insurance

Whenever you plan a vacation, you can always regard QIC as your confidant as far as travel insurance is concerned. Facts have proved that QIC is the right choice for many travelers around the world, and ensure that you and your journey are easy and worry-free. QIC travel insurance includes travel care plus, travel cancellation or reduction and medical expenses. When you use the travel insurance policy from the website, you can enjoy a 10% discount.

Recommendations for the QIC travel insurance policy are as follows

  • With Travel Care Plus, you can purchase insurance for the United States, Canada, and countries with Schengen visas.
  • The insurance also covers lost luggage, lost passports and other travel inconveniences.
  • You can also buy online to get special discounts.
  • You can provide more protection for winter sports, terrorist hijacking and medical expenses.

3- MetLife Travel Insurance

MetLife Insurance provides its travel insurance around the world and has proven itself to be one of the world’s top insurance providers:

Benefits of using MetLife:

  • This insurance is very affordable, especially for families traveling around the world. The insurance provides insurance for 6 children of a family.
  • With this insurance policy, you can take advantage of the number of trips with your family in a year.
  • You can take advantage of various travel plans such as Schengen, Umrah and Hajj.

You can protect yourself from:

  • Go home in an emergency
  • In case of accidental death
  • Personal liability case
  • Hospitalization and medical expenses
  • Repatriation
  • In the case of permanent disability
  • Dental health

4- HSBC Travel Insurance

With HSBC Travel Insurance, you can use two types of plans:

Schengen Tourism: This program will ensure that you get a visa for the Schengen country.

Smart travel: The insurance provides you with any travel or medical inconvenience and ensures that you travel without worry.

You can use this insurance to obtain the following benefits:

  • Seek help when your passport is lost
  • You can get legal help on the go
  • You can get help in any emergency medical situation.
  • Get first aid for this insurance
  • Can be transported immediately in an emergency.
  • When you lose your luggage, please file a claim.

5- Union Insurance:

This insurance is designed according to your travel needs. It covers one-way trips and annual trips, and ensures that you and the trip are not hindered in any way.

You can use this insurance to obtain the following benefits:

  • Available emergency medical assistance.
  • Passport and baggage loss insurance.
  • Responsible for the loss or damage of mobile phones or laptops or both.
  • Get cover for golf equipment and various winter sports on a travel adventure
  • Effective protection in accidents.
  • Get medical help for any disease.

6- Allianz Travel Insurance:

Allianz Travel Insurance is designed according to two major categories:

  • Multiple travel insurance:

This insurance is designed for people who travel frequently and are looking for convenient and cost-free insurance. The benefits of this insurance are the same as one-way insurance.

  • One-way travel insurance:

This insurance is designed for people who travel at least once or twice a year. The insurance is designed for individuals aged 30 or over. Here are the benefits of using this insurance:

  • You can transport the body back to your home country.
  • Provide emergency medical assistance when needed.
  • Get cash to pay for your hospitalization.
  • Get cover for your valuables (such as mobile phones)
  • Buy this insurance now to evacuate yourself.
  • The insurance also provides insurance against loss of important documents.
  • You can let your family or relatives go to your destination within the required hours.

7- Oman Insurance Company:

This insurance provides insurance for all types of travel for business travel, family travel and personal travel. Here are the benefits of buying this insurance:

  • You can request it when you cancel your flight.
  • Can help if your passport is lost
  • Can help in the event of an accident, and at the same time require you to pay for medical expenses.
  • If you have problems with the Schengen visa, you can file a complaint.

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