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Union Insurance dubai

Union Insurance has obtained permission from the UAE Insurance Authority and is listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange with a corporate office in Dubai. It was established in 1998 with a paid-up capital of more than 330 million dirhams. The company offers a wide range of retail and commercial insurance products to clients in the UAE and the Middle East. Under the leadership of some of the industry’s most experienced and respected professionals, Union Insurance offers innovative, value-added insurance.

This includes standards and customization policies that help individuals, SMEs, government agencies, and individuals gain reliable, cost-effective insurance. In addition, the company provides insurance services such as risk assessments and insurance coverage gap analysis by professionals with decades of experience.

The Insurance Company, which features people’s attention, fosters a corporate culture that emphasizes teamwork and a collaborative environment that values ​​the contributions of each of the more than 250 professionals working in the company. This environment provides a better customer-centric, personalized service. This is a top priority for the company because it often involves material damage or other undesired events when the customer makes a claim, thus making truly personalized service very popular. In addition to focusing on customer service, Union Insurance has developed its claims process and paperwork to make it as fast and straightforward as possible.

By providing better coverage, including but not limited to life, health, automotive, real estate, engineering, liability and maritime, Union Insurance unleashes the energy of its customers to focus on their core business and is confident that they have developed an active insurance policy to help with managing risk.

The company is known for its products and services it offers for its corporate and individual customers. 

Products and services offered are:

  1. Individual: The Company offers home insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance with roadside assistance, international income protection, health Insurance, Flexi life program, which is to fulfill the financial aspiration of the individuals, and they also offer special offers for their customers to win gain Etisalat points.
  2. Corporate: The Company offers group life insurance, group health insurance, marine liability insurance, marine hull insurance, marine cargo insurance, engineering insurances, general accident, property insurance, energy insurance, etc. 
  3. Claims: Offers claims for motor and health for both its corporate customers and individual customers.

The company has more than 2,000 hospitals on its medical network. The company is known for its people-centric attitude and has a lot of good reviews. The company provides detailed guidance regarding different financial matters. 

The company has a ‘Balsam’ program which, in case of an unforeseen event, is to help the customers of Union Insurance. The company, as mentioned earlier, is known for its people-centric attitude believes that it is their responsibility to provide their customers with all the relief and comfort again and again. Loyal to the essence of the Arabic “BALSAM”, BALSAM represents relief, treatment, and medicine, and the program has been designed to help. Insured members can take advantage of these exclusive programs to enjoy the truly unique benefits of Union Insurance Company. Union Insurance has developed seven individual balm plans to help solve some of the problems that are not typically covered in the policy.

The plans include:

  1. Awareness
  2. Medication
  3. Checkups 
  4. Dentistry
  5. Optics, 
  6. Vision and beauty 

The company has built its trust over the years, which makes it the largest provider in the Middle East. The benefits and coverages provided by the company in all its insurances are unmatched, and the best part is that you don’t have to visit the companies office to get your insurance policies renewed because the company provides services like online renewal and purchasing of insurance policies. People across the UAE trust the company and the products and services provided by the company.

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