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A charity credit card will now facilitate devotees who wish to donate to the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi. The slogan called “My Seva” (My Service) is “Use As You Want” and provides up to 1% cashback, which cardholders can donate to the upcoming BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Darby The card is a combination of the financial building of the UAE's financial institution an...d MasterCard and is known as the first cash-back credit card to help the temple carry out charitable activities.

The card was launched at the groundbreaking ceremony of the temple on April 20. Twenty people won the draw at the event, which is part of the event. Recently, the person traveled to Ahmedabad for a three-day full paid trip in India, during which they visited the BAPS Akshardham temple. The card has an interest rate of 2.5% and provides other benefits such as lifestyle and travel benefits, and is currently being promoted to niche customer groups. A spokesman for Mandir said that the design phase of the BAPS Hindu Mandir and cultural complex in Abu Dhabi is nearing completion, and detailed approval work is in progress. Mandir Limited (Mandir Limited) is a non-profit organization authorized by the UAE Ministry of Community Development and is responsible for collecting, managing and distributing funds for temple construction and management.

MySeva credit card features and benefits 
Properly named “Seva”, which means; the art of selfless dedication. MySeva credit card is not only another credit card, but it is also one of the few purposeful cards. Among its wide range of functions and advantages, when you use MySeva credit card for consumption, you can also donate to charity. 
Service as you like! 
Apply for MySeva card 
Spend with MySeva card 
Use MySeva card to earn Cashback 
Donate to charity
Spend and donate to charity, get up to 1% cash back
“Push to talk” with non-contact function
Use up to 90% of card balance as easy cash with preferential interest rates and zero handling fees
Use our SMS banking service anytime, anywhere to receive information about your MySeva credit card activity quickly and easily

Lifestyle benefits
Tourism benefits
Simplify bill payment

Eligibility and required documents 
If your salary is 5,000 dirhams or more per month, you are eligible for a MySeva credit card Signature application form. A copy of a valid UAE identity card, a copy of valid passport, valid residence visa (only applicable to non-Gulf Cooperation Council domestic customers) and Signature security check.
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Best MySeva Credit Card in UAE

Credit Card Minimum Salary Rate
MySeva Credit Card 5,000 2.5%

MySeva Credit Card

MySeva Credit Card
AED 5,000
Minimum Salary
Annual Fees
Salary Transfer
Aptly named “Seva”, meaning; the art of selfless giving. MySeva Credit Card is not just another Credit Card, it is one of the few Cards that come with a purpose. Amongst its wide range of features and benefits, you can also make donations to charity when you use MySeva Credit Card to spend.Serve...